Functional Expertise


Digitalization, global uncertainty, stringent government regulations, political changes, increasingly complex supply chains, customer requirements, and organizational structures are requiring executive leaders to continuously develop, refine, and implement agile business strategies to respond, adapt and grow. Because of these often volatile and everincreasing complexities to the business landscape, we’ve seen a significant elevation in the role of the Chief Strategy Officer and the similarly scoped Chief Growth Officer.


These critical roles work side by side with the CEO, the Board and the Senior Leadership Team to guide the business through the strategic planning process, develop the corporate strategy, and execute upon that strategy. These leaders continually evaluate, present, manage, and execute strategic initiatives and market opportunities that best support the company’s short-term and long-term strategies. These opportunities may include targeted mergers, acquisitions, brand or product-line enhancements, capital expansions, restructuring, strategic alliances and partnerships, joint ventures, operational investments, and possible portfolio divestitures. 


When recruiting strategy leaders, it’s clear that high intellectual capability, deep business acumen, and an authoritative ability to solve complex business problems are must-have qualities in these roles. These executives must be pragmatic, analytical, and tactically persuasive. Fast and smart decision making is critical, as is agility and flexibility. 


Recruiting strategy executives is no small challenge. Many organizations are using the strategy function to build a strong pipeline for future leaders. We work closely with these organizations to define the complex requirements for sourcing individuals who will achieve success in this role. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Chief Strategy Officer 
  • Chief Growth Officer 
  • Corporate Development
  • Mergers and Acquisitions


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