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Vice President, IT Operations



Richard Slayton

Managing Partner & CEO

We are happy to announce that this search has been completed and we are no longer accepting candidates.
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Position Summary:

The Vice President, IT Operations will be responsible globally for supporting the strategy, direction, and operation of Infrastructure, Architecture, Information Security, Enterprise Application Services and Service Management. Specifically, this role will be responsible for planning and directing all information technology activities. This will include IT relationship management and project management capabilities to align IT efforts with the strategic needs of the business and the requirements and expectations of the customers.


The executive will help determine the long-term information needs, and execute a strategy to address those needs, including systems development, hardware acquisition, and integration of mainframe and client/server applications. The role will also hold responsibility for the integrity of corporate data, proprietary information, and related intellectual property through information security and access management.


Our candidate possesses 10 years of strategic IT experience with advanced knowledge of servers, storage, network, operating systems, telecom, protocols and standards, system management practices and tools, etc.


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