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Executive Vice President, Credit Administration



Stuart Smith

Senior Vice President & Principal

Financial Services Company


Position Summary

The Executive Vice President, Credit Administration is responsible for approving, administering and reviewing loans and loan commitments to ensure that they adhere to existing policy guidelines and that documentation is adequate to ensure security of collateral, providing a “first line of defense” within the company’s Credit Risk Management framework. The position also oversees primary credit portfolio management and reporting activities.


The Executive Vice President, Credit Administration leads the review of the division’s loan portfolio on a continuing basis in order to prevent or ameliorate loan losses, and identify opportunities for business expansion. The executive is also tasked with leading improvements to operational processes to mitigate identified risk concerns, increase efficiencies, and enhance the functionality and ease of use.


The successful candidate will have 10 years of related credit experience in the financial industry, with the bulk of that experience in commercial or investment banking.

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