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Deputy Chief Credit Officer



Stuart T. Smith

Senior Vice President & Principal

We are happy to announce that this search has been completed and we are no longer accepting candidates.
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Community Bank


Position Summary:

The Deputy Chief Credit Officer is responsible for the credit administration management and tasked with approving, administering and reviewing loans and loan commitments to ensure that they adhere to existing policy guidelines and that documentation is adequate to ensure security of collateral, providing a “first line of defense” within the Bank’s credit risk management framework. The position also oversees primary credit portfolio management and reporting activities. The Deputy Chief Credit Officer leads the review of the loan portfolio on a continuing basis in order to prevent or mitigate loan losses and identify opportunities for business expansion.

Our placement has over 25 years of banking experience. She is well versed in leading diverse and complex client finance projects with a focus on mitigating losses and taking ownership of the structure of various credit assessment functions across different sectors. She specializes in managing financial portfolios, conducting data driven analytics, building financial models and liaising with stakeholders and executives to ensure alignment on strategic direction.

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