The Face of Executive Search in the 21st Century

At Slayton Search Partners, we truly believe that people are products of their environments. The atmosphere that surrounds us each and every day is of critical importance to both our personal and professional development. That is why when we outgrew our previous headquarters in early 2017, we made a clear decision. We wouldn’t simply be moving into a bigger space, but would rather embark on creating an environment that is radically different.


Slayton Elevator Lobby

Custom Branded Elevator Lobby

Engaging with workplace design firm Eastlake Studio over a period of nine months, we meticulously crafted an office for the modern age. Utilizing an elegant urban loft aesthetic, an entire 12,000 square foot floor of our new address on South Wacker Drive was gutted and work began from scratch. Natural light would be used as much as possible, along with large amounts of glass and top rate finishes.


Slayton Lobby


Slayton Entrance


Above all, we wanted our office to provide superior opportunities for collaboration. The workstyle of today’s professionals is different than it was in the past. Communal environments are increasingly preferred over closing oneself up in an office. With that idea driving design, our new office boasts an open floor plan filled with multiple spots that encourage teamwork. In fact, the signature piece of the entire workspace is the café, which has been a popular area for collaboration since day one.


Slayton Open Office

Open Office Plan

Slayton Dining

Fully Stocked Kitchen

Slayton Kitchen

Lounge Style Break Room

Slayton Executive Office

Executive Office

Of course, not everyone works the same exact way. The new office also includes enclosed workspaces, but even these have entire walls and doors made of transparent glass to promote the feeling of openness. Best of all, this allows beautiful views of Chicago from nearly any place one stands since our entire floor is wrapped in windows.


Ultimately, people are happier and work more effectively when they enjoy their surroundings, and our new workspace is primed to help our employees perform at their peak. Subsequently, our clients can expect our high standards of quality to thrive like never before. At a time when tradition keeps executive search firms stuck inside mahogany walls, evolution dictates that the face of the industry in the 21st century looks drastically different.


The most common reaction of those that walk into our new office for the first time is “wow.” We invite you to come take a look for yourself, and see what the future of executive search is all about.