When it comes to executive search, we know how important it is to find a partner who can understand your needs, recruit best-in-class talent, and counsel you toward a successful conclusion to the search process.


That’s why at Slayton Search Partners, our approach is to focus on possibilities, not limitations.


This has been our strategy since our beginning in 1985. Built on strong principles of knowledge, integrity, communication and quality, we’ve evolved alongside an ever shifting business landscape, gaining insight and expertise while crafting a better search alternative.


Today, our people and our work tell the story.


With a rich understanding of our practice areas and deep, collaborative relationships with industry leaders, we continually drive top performance in the executive recruiting sector, delivering a better experience for our clients and candidates alike.


The Slayton way of Limit-Less thinking and acting has made us one of the fastest-growing executive search firms in North America, building a distinguished roster of clients and attracting more of the top candidates sought after by top firms and organizations.