With decades of industrial executive search experience, we have become highly attuned to the market. Below is our assessment of the industrial sector.


2017: A Summary

A Candidate Driven Market

In the majority of our searches, candidates we presented to our clients were juggling multiple opportunities, resulting in the need to act both thoroughly and quickly in the evaluation of talent.



A Thriving Industrial Sector

All across the Industrial sector, organizations are experiencing more business opportunities, indicating the strength and continued growth of the industry.


A Focus on Operations

An increased demand for products leads to an increased need for operational improvement. Focusing on operational hires helps accommodate increased revenue, manufacture new products, and create best practices for future growth.


2018: Looking Ahead

A Focus on CFOs

The need for strategic financial leaders continues to grow in the middle market industrial sector. Attracting leaders from larger organizations will be a focus, driven by a demand for better financial metrics, systems, and processes.


A Shrinking Labor Market

Aging Baby Boomers, strengthening investment performance, and a fast-growing demographic of part-time executives is leading to a shrinking pool of executive talent.


An Emphasis on Best Practices

In order to compete and prosper, there is a strong need to identify talent that can bring best practices while adhering to the middle market culture. Fit continues to drive successful searches.


Successful Searches in the Middle Market Industrial Sector