November 2011

The 5-P’s to Your Next Job

John Nimesheim

John Nimesheim

Managing Director


While the macro economic situation is still recovering from the financial crisis, companies are increasing their demand for leadership and executive talent – though still at a lower rate than pre-2008 levels. This is still positive news for executives who have been active in the job market for an extended period or for those who have recently started a job search.


The reality is that the talent pool is rich with an abundance of candidates and standing out in the crowd is a must.


Several years ago, I authored a piece about the 5 P’s to a successful job search. This approach continues to be viable, so I thought it would be worth summarizing. Follow these 5-P’s to be active in successfully landing a new opportunity.



This is not the time to let your emotions get the best of you. Show your contacts, former bosses, peers, subordinates, associates and others that this market does not scare you. Dig your heels in and face the bear head on!


Bring an open mind. Be willing to work with, and learn from coaches or mentors who can help you adjust your experience and skills in a way that will drive value for your new employer.



Much in the same way we’re in continual, meaningful dialogue with our clients about the changing nature of their needs, so too, must you engage with your network of peers, colleagues, friends and contacts to leverage and grow your network. Stay visible!


Leadership candidates with the best sense for the transferability of their skills and experience to new industry environments are in the best position to surface new career opportunities. (Especially true for those of you in commercial banking and financial services)


Is it time to get your passport ready? Consider overseas opportunities.



If you plan to stay in your current industry, you have to gain a handle on the changing requirements of management leadership in that space and market yourself passionately to that opportunity.


Show those around you that you still love what you do, no matter how battered your industry has become.


If you want to cross the industry lines, seek one in which you can easily find passion. Look to your personal interests, desires, and dreams.



Employers have the luxury to be picky right now. The timeline will be extended – be prepared to wait it out – be strategic!


In order to make a move in this environment, you have to demonstrate flexibility and adopt a long-range view. That’s how your performance will be measured – not in the short term.



The worst of the financial crisis may be behind us, but the current climate still demands exceptional leadership. You have to ensure that you are doing everything in your power to remain on top of reaching out to your network and follow ups. Keep it going day in and day out. Take a break to catch your breath, but be ready to jump back at a moment’s notice.

Follow your strategic plan and do not stop.


It’s important to remember how today’s environment reinforces the idea of building your network during better economic times. Maintain the 5-P’s and you’ll be on the path to another successful opportunity.